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Dentist examining a patient's teeth
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Cosmetic dentistry is no longer just for movie stars. Bragg Creek Dental offers procedures using the most recent advancements to help your smile stand out. It is also much more affordable and accessible to all. Make an appointment with Bragg Creek Dental to explore all of the possibilities that are available.

Cosmetic Dentistry Solutions in Bragg Creek

Botox® Treatments

Botox® and  Dysport® are cosmetic injectables used to relax muscles. Usually, the results start after four days, the treated muscles relax, and the effects last three to four months. Many individuals choose to have Botox® or  Dysport® treatment simultaneously with their dental hygiene treatments. Cosmetic injectables are available at Bragg Creek Dental.

Cosmetic treatment with syringe injection

We offer a range of cosmetic dental procedures to improve your confidence and brighten your smile.

Keep Your Teeth Happy

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